Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Destroyer 45th super deluxe box set 2021 November


Finally got my box set from Cram-a-thon. I did not want to buy from them but they did provide a digital free copy (even though it’s not the full version it’s the 2 disc one). I had originally ordered from KOL but if you like me were reading the Kiss faq boards I had to cancel then order on cram a thon. Is this how it’s going to go now? Large companies buying everything as a monopoly and make it impossible for the rest? Well, I still have my colored vinyl coming from kol. Maybe arriving today. On to the review…

So far I have only heard the two disc condensed version. I really like it. The new 2021 songs sound noticeably better than destroyer resurrected to me. All the added extra noise fills like the car engine revving and especially Peter Criss’s drums sound more up front and clear. The demos and extra songs sound like the best quality available was used and maybe cleaned up. 

Many people have complained about the live disc being the stoned in Paris bootleg that has been around since the 70’s. Fortunately for me I never had this one or heard it so I’m happy with it. Many have said there may be better versions than what’s included here. 

The packaging is the main thing that got me. This is how it was in the 70’s when you got kiss army kit or opened up a new kiss album and discovered all the extras inside like a box of Cracker Jack. It’s exciting all the contents within. Not going to spoil it here, but I plan on saving my experience of reading the book and newspaper for a rainy day. This reminds me so much of being a kid. When I used to ride my bike on new magazine Tuesday to lucky’s supermarket to hopefully get a new kiss magazine. (Lots of other kids often got to them first). This box is like a scrapbook full of 1976.

Destroyer was not my favorite kiss album. In fact, I did not like it at first at all. I went to my friend Duanes house after school to listen to his copy on one of those stereo councils that had light up disco speakers you got from Sears when it first came out. Later on I borrowed a friends copy and played it until it grew on me. Years later I would find a copy in my dads beach apartment that some past tenant left behind in a cupboard with alive. I still have those two.

I remember trying to stay up late for the Paul Lynde Halloween special but fell asleep. My dad told me I missed my band the next day. There are great photos here from the show even a poster too. My uncle Jeff said to me he wanted to take me to the Anaheim show in 76 but I was too young. I was too young in 77 too for the forum show. My dad finally took me in 79 to the Anaheim convention center show. I remember watching Cal Jam 2 on tv with my dad. He was never a rock and roll guy. He liked the Eagles and country and yacht rock soft tunes. Thank you dad. It meant a lot to me.

I was a big time fan of the early first three records. Destroyer was very different. It’s too dark for me at times. Gene talking about being a god and saying “you’d sell me your soul” well, no Gene. Bob Ezrin changed the band into a machine. Lots of studio magic on it. None of the live energy of the alive album. His thing is big concept albums and this is one of them. Maybe not quite a full concept but the songs are like stories. 

The biggest thing about destroyer is the cover art by Ken Kelly. His most iconic painting. There are a few different versions of his paintings included in the book. This cover art made Kiss what they are today. I have stared at it for years now. It got painted on the sides of custom vans back then. Even as a model kit too. I had a tan iron on shirt my uncle bill gave me for Christmas in 76 with that image with groovy flame style boarder. 

Was 200 too much? The printing was done in the USA which is really cool. Maybe that costs more. The foil poster and box must not have been cheap either. If the vinyl was included it may have cost much more. I think this was the right price for what you get. I have been disappointed in Kiss before but this was how it should be done. My hope is to one day get a box set with the debut album demos and wicked Lester  album and demos officially.  

As I said, I will savor this set over time. I do get Kiss burnout now and then and have to listen to different music but I usually come back to them later on. It’s been some time since I played destroyer so I will be spinning this for awhile. 

It’s only entertainment and now and then it helps me escape for a little bit. I’m grateful for my wife and family who listen to my Kiss rants and tolerate my fandom. 

If you don’t feel good, there’s a way you could, don’t sit there broken hearted…call all your friends in the neighborhood and get your party started!

This box should come with paper birthday plates and napkins.

Rock and Roll People! God Bless and Happy Trails!

Thursday, June 10, 2021

New Start...time to get healthy. Starting now.

 Today I start again. I have high blood pressure and gout and recently had an episode that could have lead to a stroke or heart attack. Had people close to me pass away too. I’m getting older, actually now I am older... heading towards senior life. Not there yet, but my life now depends on finally getting healthy and fit. I’m going to start slow. Walking and elliptical bike riding. I’m very grateful to have the support and love from my friends and family. I’m going to get healthy. My life is important and not just to me. I don’t want to let my supports down. Spending yesterday in the ER was a wake up call for sure. I want to get back to playing guitar again too. I had numbness in my one of my left hand fingers and could not play. Now I think it had to do with blood pressure. I have had to rest for awhile this time and this is what I needed to understand what I have to do. I updated my website again and my online shop too. I have a few new projects I worked on coming out soon and I’ll let you know as soon as I have them for sale. It’s very exciting and thank god I’m still here to share them with you. Thank You Everyone! Lots of Love, Scott

Thursday, May 14, 2020

New show at Cornelius Projects

I have a new show on now at Cornelius Projects on Pacific Avenue here in San Pedro. There is a video tour linked on their site  Due to the pandemic they are taking tours by appointment only. We hope to open when possible with a reading show/book release for All that shines under the Hollywood Sign by Iris Berry- a book I illustrated. The reading show will feature readings by Jack Grisham, Keith Morris, Iris Berry, SA Griffin and Annette Zilinskas.

we will have books for sale and Show Posters. The Art has been selling well even though it’s by appointment only now. I thank you all for supporting this show, myself and this gallery. We hope to open as soon as it is safe to do so. Schedule an appointment and see it! Thank You, -Scott

Monday, February 10, 2020

MY NEXT SHOW....I hope to see you all there!

We will have books, comics and posters for sale that you can get signed at the show. It's a suggested donation of $5.00 to help Cornelius Projects. Be there for the opening and the readings... it's going to be fun!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Lorm is Here! Get your copy Today!

Get your copy of my brand new comic book Lorm. Limited first run of 100 copies. First 60 sold come with a button and sticker. Available exclusively at
These are selling very well and I plan on making four or five more then make a full color graphic novel. This first run also includes an exclusive error page card inserted in each copy. (I did everything myself and I made the mistake of forgetting page four, but it’s on the insert card.) I will include stickers and extra goodies in each one. Oh yeah, it’s intended for adults and mature readers only! I know you will love it if you are a fan of underground comix. Thank you for your support of this D.I.Y. Effort. I hope you love it!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Strange times for an Artist

It has gotten to tough to try and predict what will happen to the art world but with social media there is more censorship than ever. I keep seeing artists I like getting their work shut down on Instagram. Most often it’s for nudity. So much shaming goes on in our country. They are finding out ways of criminalizing nudity in art. If it’s drawn out what harm is it?  I don’t feel cartoons need censorship.
We are still focused and ruled by the sports world and the military. Well, ultimately the team they want you on is USA so mostly just military everything. I am greatful for our military don’t get me wrong. They keep our freedom to draw whatever we want and I know how great this country is.
Making a living at art will only get more challenging. Everyone on the planet can make art and post it on Instagram. I loved Instagram when I first got on there... no ads, no sponsored ads just show your work... and early on all the work was amazing! The trend now is lots and lots of ads and Tons of really awful art. Lots of people just draw characters they know and call it pop culture. It would be nice to see more people make a effort to draw their own characters at least. Don’t draw Star Wars or Disney is what I mean... be your own George Lucas or a Walt. If you see an artist selling work online look into buying real art! So much affordable great art is out there... skip that movie or high ticket arena show save up and buy work for your home! Or check out designer con and get hand made toys, original art or a print maybe? You will never know how good it feels as an artist when you make a sale. When someone buys your work it’s so motivating and inspiring. Most artists suffer from depression. It’s where the emotion in our work comes from. If you see art and it speaks to you the reason is that artist is showing you something and most often they are trying to express love and beauty in this harsh world. Even dark art has much beauty if done right. Jean-Michel Basquiat and Howard Finster make powerful abstract work. So many... the list goes on... I pray galleries will survive as they are the last outlets for culture. The recent Instagram outage was a good sign that the digital world may fall one day. Save your canvas and paint supplies in case we lose power. After all they made some great work during the dark ages. Thanks for reading this if you did. This is just how I feel. Does not mean I am right. Support your favorite artist! They appreciate it more than Gene Simmons... Paul Stanley paints too if you want to give him more dough. Ciao for now!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Modern Art Life early 2019

I just read a great interview on a podcast with Jeff Soto. (You can look Jeff up on Instagram) He made great sense of the current fine art gallery world. Galleries are closing. I had my own personal physical gallery art shop I ran at a craft market here in San Pedro for four years. Things slowed due to people wanting to save money in this uncertain economy. I still sold small things like my tshirts and greeting cards but people were much less likely to buy a painting for $300 or more. Most people would spend no more than $40 on a painting so I had to fill my shop with many small works. After a a very successful three years my last year I was only making enough to pay rent on my space and buy more supplies. I have since move to Etsy online and I am back working in my home studio. Still working in what worked in my physical store and sales remain seasonal. Holidays being when sales happen especially November thru January. The Gallery I showed at (El Cuervo in El Segundo, CA) has closed but from people I met when I showed there I have other shows coming up. It’s important to attend art shows if you want to sell your work in galleries. Make contacts and especially treat your friends and colleagues with love and respect as that is where the majority of your opportunities for other shows happen. Don’t worry about artists that seem out for themselves.... the kind that would step over another artist to be the center of the show. Focus on the ones you can share ideas and techniques with. That’s how you grow as an artist. I have found every time I worried about having sales at one of my shows it would not happen. Sales were always a surprise. You just can’t predict sales. The most important thing is to keep inspired by learning about other artists. Like my gallery owners motto was, “more art, less bullshit”. Keep working and don’t stop. Work like you don’t have enough time left in the day. That’s what gallery shows take. I have many bad paintings I never showed. Work everyday you can. Well... just have fun most important. Paint like you are 10 years keeps your work energized. I love to paint with other artists any chance I get to share the energy connection. That’s why taking classes and school are good. Make mistakes as much as you can... thats how you form your style and find your voice.

I plan to blog more here. I hope you enjoy it. If you do leave a comment on my Instagram page (I am on there as popkustomshoppe). Maybe we will hang on the same walls someday.
Until next time, Happy Trails! -Scott Aicher