Sunday, August 7, 2022

Grilling Time Today

 Got these sirloin beauties grilled up. It had been a minute since I had a grill so I was hoping for fully cooked mostly.

Went about 4 minutes a side with a bit of extra time to be sure it was done. Gave them plenty of rest time. about 350 on the heat gauge. Turned out just perfect medium.

Very long time away from the barbecue but it was really, really good. Had bread and butter pickles with mine and my wife had the grilled hatch chilies. We also had a salad too which was a Thai salad. Super good but who wants to see salad?

Had a nice orange sparkling water which is my absolute favorite one. Really beautiful day today.

Lots of prep to get the grill set up and smoking but so glad I got it going.

Hope you all had as good a day today.

APTTMH, Thank You for Reading- Scoocher

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Absolutely Wild Sauce, Round Two

For this round of Absolutely Wild Barbecue Sauce we got the usual Dave’s whole wheat buns ( I make two burgers because no fries added) got the same hatch chili turkey burgers from frozen… air fryer 20 minutes. Remember to line your fryer bowl with tin foil for easy clean up.

I think that’s a nice Havarti I got working today. Defrost your buns in the nuke for 30 seconds to get them to pull apart after being frozen. Take yer cheese and rip it in smaller bits to fit each bun half.

Nuke another 30 or so seconds to get that cheese to sweat but not melt. Too much nuke and you’ll wreck yer buns.
They will get like wet cardboard.

After I get ‘em fried up and put together I cut them into mini sliders because I made a full pool for this sauce this time.
The sauce has been chilling out in the fridge and if that heat is going to pop it needs to chill a week or so.

That’s the Wild Sauce their on the right. Y’all got to try that hot sauce there too. Our family loves that one!

So. I put on a good beard bib and dipped them in the pool.

I was thinking…this is more of a zip. Not heat…I kept at it a big amount on each bite. Towards the middle the roof of my mouth woke up. Kept going…I’m not going to let any sauce go to waste. 

At the end my mouth was a bit upset and almost at that point where it gets just too swollen and too tender but it was nice and kicked just right. 

After I was done that pepper wanted to hang out longer. My eyes just about teared and I said, Woah! a few times but you want that.

Kinda reminds me of a Chris and Pitts but not as much ketchup and processed taste. Not very sweet at all.

Nice flavor and fresh after a week of chilling.

My grill is waiting still… my wife wants me to get it going soon and I want to see how these turkey burgers do on the grill. We got some good beef patties defrosting for tomorrow so looks promising for that soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you have a good sauce for me to try.

Thank You and God Bless You All and Your Families,


Friday, July 29, 2022

My favorite rock group…


It’s almost over. Might not end just yet or ever for the rock group Kiss, but I’m going to move on after being a fan for what seems like 100,000 years. The reunion was a dream come true to see them two different nights at the L.A.Forum in 1996. The excitement of standing in line to get a wrist band to get a spot in line to buy tickets at the now online Tower Records in store ticket booth was something I will remember and one of the longest waits in line in my life but what a day to be alive that was. Tupac now gone with the incredible news at that award show. I’ll never forget that. He shocked the people.

Then was the Farewell in 2000. Ace famously almost missed my show in Devore which was one long drive for me in the dark on my own to get to with only a Thomas guide map. I thought it was much closer than it turned out to be. Missed Skid Row but no Gill (singer Sebastian Bach starred as Gill on Gilmore Girls later. My wife and I just loved that show).
Listened to Ted Nugent in line at the merch stand and watched people getting their faces airbrushed with makeup like the band. They had some kind of wetsuit material template and just like that you got the demon face deal on.
It was like watching the Lone Ranger put on his mask or meeting the great OZ.

A chopper overhead flew in the real spaceman but the current spaceman was prepped and ready. This was the famous laser pointer show. Paul Stanley warned us all not to go to rock shows put on by your neighbor in a tshirt and jeans. This was not getting what you paid for he said something like that. Also he described his love of Lazer pointers to the fan with one and where he might keep it after use. Lucky for me I got one last goodbye that night with my favorite band. The parking lot was on a big grass hill. Very sketchy crowd. One big dude decide to check out my tour book I bought. He insisted. I ran down the hill to my car with my precious souvenir fast as my feet allowed and drove home in my all too tiny super sweet T top roofed Nissan Pulsar. Spaceman silver with burgundy interior. I had to duck my head down to drive it like I did every morning down the 710 freeway to beautiful Vernon CA to work. Just up the street from old farmer John’s place and the sweet smell of the burn off waste getting processed. Again, it was a great time to be alive. I think I put piece of confetti in my Fonzie jacket pocket which might still be there.

We will most possibly never get a new Kiss Record with all new songs ever again. Fake Frehley as Tommy is called says he may just make wine. Sounds like a nice ride into the sunset to me. Catman Two as they sometimes call Eric Singer seems ready to take a “pawse” lately too. Both are just sensational players who are so good they make it look easy to just step in the costume and do the job and I respect that they both do just that almost too perfect. I always paid such attention to the costumes and makeup. In the 70’s it could get sloppy here and their but if it ever got too perfect it usually meant a change of some kind on the way.
It looks better than ever currently. 

Everything will end one day in some way or another. I’m an Ace and Peter kind of fan. I loved Eric Carr and his thunder drums. Paul Stanley the best ever frontman and fellow painter, kept his story of being bullied for most of the journey.
I never new the whole time about his struggle. It explained a lot about what kept him going all along.
Gene the demon? Or Gene the business man? Comic book and film nerd? What a bass player! Ever notice as he’s doing all that slap stick he’s right there in the pocket groove on bass even now. His love for his mom is really who he is in reality.
Vinnie who? I got that pink promo 45 single still someplace and I bought it because it made me laugh out loud in truth. I know he has real fans and many. I’m not really that into his songs he wrote either truthfully. They seem kind of doomy and more understandingly metal. Fair enough. The Tupperware thing tho. Ya know? He had his big moment this year. Undeniably epic but not my style. 
Bruce Kulick and His brother Bob. A great human above everything else. Still as good as ever. Still holds it down today. His band of any will be the new emperors to the black diamond crown. I love his wife Lisa. She and Bruce are a good team. Rest In Peace Bob Kulick. I don’t need to know what happened. Just seemed like such a loss of a guy who seemed to enjoy life. Too young. Eric Carr was too young too. Always looked like those rain puddles in that video were a river of tears of some kind.
I got my Kiss lunchbox signed by Ace in person at amoeba records. Still on my shelf now. Never met Peter but my friend got his autograph for me when he came into the pharmacy she worked at. Still have it in a frame with my Paul autograph our stewardess neighbor got me as a kid on American Airlines stationery. I think they both have my name and rock and roll! On them. Got Peter’s two pennies in change too with it. My friend my have just created the Pete one and gave me two pennies, probably never know for sure. Looks really correct. If it is fake all this time…it’s always something they did for me to show they cared. Not sure where she is now but hopefully the stars are overhead.

Stood in a tradeshow line at a show my work sent me to where Gene was singing his first book which was brand new.
We all waited for his girls to get off his lap in line. Took a long time. I was very tired when it was my turn but I brought my book up like a baby seal greeting a poacher with a wood club. I was almost drooling uncontrollably with fanboy weirdness. I think I said “I have been a fan for so long now.” And no fooling he signed my book and mouthed the words without actually speaking “thank you”. I shoved my book signed in black maker on the dark cover art and later when my boss asked to see it the sweat off my back through my backpack had smeared it all. If I was not humiliated enough my boss laughed and grinned for the rest of my days at that job and never let me forget that book which I probably still have but I’m not going to go looking for it.

They still owe fans money for the Dubai thing today too.

I’m going to remember the journey. Almost forgot Mark St.John like I think we are supposed to…he was there and on the cover of animalized and posters. He counted. I heard part of his story and it’s sad how he passed. Too bad he did not find a sober life. He added some sparkle to their image at the time and had that hair look of the moment which is what I figure he was there for. Rest In Peace Mark St.John.

As for Ace Frehley…my dad wanted to be my hero when I was a young Kiss fan. He saw his poster on my bedroom door with the smoking guitar. (Wonder if that’s why I tried smoking later on?)  dad smoked too. He said to me “you know those guys are my age. What if that was me up there as your hero? I told him he was my hero and he said “yeah, sure..”. So Ace is still going today and I still enjoy his music and he still says another record might happen. I explained to my dad that day he was like his Elvis and John Wayne.

I got one of those tell all books about Ace. Might not read it.
Why should I? Ever hear too much about Curt Cobain? Its entertainment and show biz. Like wrestling and politics. 
Still, might be better than reading about a Kardashian.
If a read it after all hopefully I’m not going to judge some guy in a space suit for taking my allowance all these years.
I got to take some of the blame here. You think they will ever sell an actual smoking guitar someday or saxaphone necklace with a kiss logo on it? The question is: would you Dubai it?

Goodbye is only for now rock soldiers of the Kiss Army.
We are all worth far more than a deuce.
Let’s rock and roll some night and partly every day.
Christeen is now 60.
My old wooden platforms turned to memory foam.
The flaming youth have a rotten tooth and lost their spark.

I got some new shoes. Not dragon platforms. Not actually good looking. Gray. No heel because my swollen foot barely fits and they are extra wide. But they have good cushion. Gets me shuffling. I like them. I could actually use a Kiss metal rocker(ing) chair right now the most for my porch. Call Doc Magee somebody.

I still have Kiss Records on the way soon.
Once a hooligan now a fool again.

Am I ever going to stop?
Thanks, Scoocher

Thursday, July 28, 2022

‘Nuther Sauce Review


This time we got two different kind from my two nephews who are brothers. Younger brother joining in with this Marie Sharp’s Green Habnêro Hot Sauce. He’s a talented artist and just got a great new job and we are all very proud of him. Was a very cool surprise that he sent this over for me with my wife when she got home after a visit with him. He said it’s his favorite and I was eager to get it on a chip. 

For lunch my wife made cheese chips with guacamole so she put a generous amount on her dish. I tried a bit on a chip but did not get enough on the first time to really taste it good so I got another chip and put on a good amount.

When I read the bottle I thought this was going to be extra hot an my nephew might be trying to punish me for something.

It was great! Good heat but not so much that’s all to the taste. I forgot how good green hot sauce is and this was so good. Great green chili flavor and not overly salty. Thought about possibly tomorrows breakfast being some eggs topped with easy melt and this here hot sauce. Thank you younger nephew. Loved this very much. Your older brother would love this.

Speaking of him…he and his wife got me a mess of barbecue sauces to try for my birthday this year. This is the third bottle.

It’s Called Absolutely Wild Barbecue Sauce. Today I was having a bowl of leftover Chili Mac for lunch and this was the next sauce to pop open and what in Texas does not work well with barbecue sauce….it’s one of the first things you get when you get here. Probably goes good on ice cream.

Mixed in this one but not too well to leave some basic chili Mac flavor spots in the bowl. Put two slices of easy melt on top stuck it back in the nuke to melt it on top but did not mix it in. Saved that cheese for last forkful. Did not think this had heat but as you know, I just opened this one and heat takes time after the pop to make its announcement most times. As I was working on it my nose started running. So there you go. Some kick like the cowboy riding the horse on the bottle.

We still got chicken legs to grill up later so I may update this one. I got to get that grill going soon. I keep on talking about it. I’ll make that happen.

Older Nephew writes his own music and records it on his computer. I have things to learn from him still. He’s strong like a bull and very caring and loving. 

Love these guys so much! So lucky to have them here.

They have never left me anytime I can ever remember without giving me a hug. Can you imagine that? I’m so grateful for them. God Bless You Boys!

Thanks for reading… updates on the way soon.

Gotta hook up the propane tank. Buon Appetito!

-Uncle Scoocher 

Texas Bluebonnets


Just thinking to myself…have I actually seen with my own eyes a wild growing Texas Bluebonnets  Flower? Pretty sure I have seen photos of them and they are know to be where I am but have I noticed them if I saw them? Did my wife already point them out to me and I was too busy day dreaming to hear her? I gotta ask her to point them out next time we are roaming our neighborhood.

Watched Steve Carlson’s YouTubes show today and he made me laugh out loud. He was at his park having fun playing a game called frisbee golf with very expensive records from how it looked. Got me thinking it has been awhile since I played guitar. Even longer since I have played my Mexican Made Genuine Fender Telecaster. So today I’d like to talk about my Tele.

It was a really big deal for me to get an actual Fender Telecaster with a real Fender logo on the headstock. I went on a sad rainy day years ago on my birthday to trade in some Guitars at Norm’s Rare Guitars. I had almost no money in my pocket and a couple of guitars to trade. One that I had was mint and now kind of rare and vintage but not that valuable just yet. I went in and talked to the staff and they were not really interested in my trade offerings but then Norm himself walked in. 

I told him my sad story that day and bad news I got that day that my sister was not well. (Happy to say she is doing just fine now today). I was sacred and in this moment in time I was losing faith and holding on to my hopes. I told him, this guitar I have with me is mint but if I play it, it will lose it’s value. I’m looking for something I can play.

I wanted a Genuine Fender Telecaster. I had a few Squiers which I still have and love but I was searching for the one this time. Searching for one that had mojo. He stayed with me most of the day and showed me a Mexican Made model that was in my price range. It was an FSR which I think means “Fender Special Release”. You knew that by the oval sticker on the back headstock. 

I played the American made in USA and it was very nice. You could notice the quality as Norm pointed out. If I had to wait and save and get it later it would have been worth it for sure, but it was too much guitar for me. I would have left it in the case like the trade in guitar.

I wanted to start a band and record a song too. It needed to sound good. I was looking specifically for Pete Townsend, Waylon Jennings and Chrissy Hynde. Let’s not forget Joe Strummer and D.Boon.

It needed to have rocket sauce as well as twangle jangle. She was perfect. I named her after my sister. Went back to taking lessons (this was what you call mid life for me).

Talked to some friends who knew how to get it done and we recorded two songs. It took time. My friends almost literally help me keep standing and going and never let me stop. Could not have got there alone. 

Forward to today. I had let myself slide for awhile. Got unhealthy with my weight again which led to all those things doctor warn chunky dudes about. Knees go. Joints freeze up. Aches, all that kind of action was beginning. 

Last time I said was last time so this time I just finally said to myself, “get a good doctor and pay attention”. Just did what he suggested. When he told me his recommendation worked for his wife that gave me so much hope. God Bless My Doctor!

Sometime this month I was putting together my new art room studio and took out my guitars. Got some wall hangers for them and eventually got back to this guitar I named after my sister. It was just as it was when I got it. I decided it was time for a name change and a new pickguard identity. I did all that but hung it back up and did not really even play it.

After getting a good laugh and seeing Steve’s video today I took it off the wall. Checked out my cable chords I had left. One is cloth wrapped and looks cool but plugged it in and noting. I had my Fender Princeton plugged in (for you guitar fanatics it’s solid state not luxury tube amp, but I’m still dreaming about one someday).

I love this amp. I got it from the paper want ads went to a dudes house and bought it for I think 100 bucks. Always wanted a Princeton since I started when I was about 13 years old. Still love my amp.

Plugged in the more standard traditional heavy duty regular cable I had and went to town. Was good to feel the satin neck finish and tickle the fret board. Bend some notes. Muffle some picking, adjust some amp settings, dial the tone knobs.

I played some sloppy jarrbled patterns and tried some chord progressions. Tried remembering some old songs I would warm up with. Played some Nausea by the Band X. Some Germs Shutdown (is that song originally by the band F-Word? I saw Rik L. Rik before at “Fender’s” club in Long Beach way back. This is turning into a Fender promo now…)

The body is ash. Which is has a transparent wood finish that is super glossy and bright. The neck is more satin which feels really nice and it’s thinner so it easy for me to play. The frets are polished nice and no sharp points on them to slow me down. The strings really ring out on it. Plugged in makes gives it the groove and I love just hearing the amp hiss.

Am I the only one that thinks too much about wasting electricity when my amp is on? I kind of feel like when it’s on the meter is running so start after it.

My guitar strap I got in San Pedro at a music store called Alva’s Music. I’m wondering how Art who worked there now is doing. He used to work on my guitar projects I brought in at times. I have a few of those still and one day I will talk about them too.

My strap is by a company called Souldier. It’s kind of rainbow colored psychedelic flower shapes. They make straps out of old repurposed car seatbelt materials I think they are a small USA business still. They had lots to choose from at Alva’s. Those old seat belts bring me back to the 70’s. The top is kind of yarn stitch cottony soft fabric so you can easily stick on button badges. Left mine blank for now. Hey, just remembered I got an Amoeba records die cast pin I could stick on there today….

I ordered a hat from Norms online recently and got that this week in the mail. Got it to wear to my fitness class to keep my hair back. It had stickers and a pick included so I got picking. Norm himself is recovering from a health issue now and is doing great. A reminder to me to not let fun get away from me so much.

So, today right now… for those about to rock…

Salude! -Scoocher 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Message in a Bottle, whoa oh…

 Not just a terrible song by Sting and pals (I remember going to see a local cover band when that song was in heavy rotation and they changed the lyrics to a dirty version about massaging something. Made me laugh for years. Sting would not have been amused at all.)

My point is… I’m thinking this blogging is a message in a bottle in a way. I send out the posts and someday someone will reply. I truthfully like just journaling. Seems to help me.

No pressure and not asking for comments from anyone.

Grateful anyone reads them. It’s really just for me getting over my insecurities and I’m better at organizing my thoughts through writing them down. Sometimes finding the words takes time for me. I really should be putting this on paper not a blog.

I was ready to make videos to share and I just don’t feel comfortable trying to be a good host of some kind. I may want to try that again later. I set up my iPad and tried out making some videos but truthfully they were bad. The kids call that cringy now.(formerly embarrassing) I’m also telling this so you know why I did not join the vinyl community post people like I said I would. The kids call that being transparent. (Formerly being honest)

Anyhoo….(now know as “that being said….”) my dad always said I do everything the hard way. He’s right because most everything worth doing in life is hard. There is value to hard work. Not that I claim to be a hard worker. Just the opposite. I find things I enjoy doing. I try things. I found I always loved drawing as a kid. I still love it. I have drawn when I didn’t feel like it. I have been the most lucky to have been for the most part able to draw what I liked or most times loved. 

They say do what you love for living and you will never work a day in your life. Well, Paul Stanley said that and it’s true, but please don’t go electing him or anyone from the Rock Band Kiss President. While we are talking Paul Stanley…I like that he paints too for enjoyment and relaxation, but I do at times wonder if the maid paints ones he signs now and then.

Jeff Koons built his art career this way. Other celebrities are possibly trying out this too. (Watching you Gene, you as well Mr.Depp) still…is it wrong? No law saying you can’t sign someone else’s painting you had them make and take credit if you did it legal and paid them. That’s capitalism. Freedom too.

Just my observation. Not a mad rant. I’m grateful for people like my brother in law who fought to protect our freedom here. Him and every American Soldier who has protected our rights. I Thank God we still have some rights left here.

I’m not an expert on politics. I’m trying to find truths like everyone. Mostly I’m trying to improve myself. I’m learning now and then from mistakes I make. Trying to be a better listener and realize real change takes time.

Kind of just wanted to put down some “random” (those kids again) thoughts. Thanks for reading and you know the other thing they say “probably delete this later” (some kind of one of those letter things for that like LOL which means Look Out Louie or maybe Laugh out loud.

Now I think I’m supposed to say “but I digress…”

I’ll be here all week…tip your waitress. Thank You and Good Day…


I said “Good Day Sir!”

-Wilder as Wonka

Oh Yeah, got some new patches to send out with my shoppe orders. Full transparency FYI… I love them!

Support small business (like my shoppe store) much appreciated yatta yatta mundatta….

Oh Kids, FYI Sting was a popular musician from the 1980’s who made us all too aware of tantric intercourse and he is rumored to be a legendary expert. His real name is Gordon, not sure if he’s ever been considered a fisherman or if he even likes fish sticks. Seriously, he probably does have a sense of humor. That’s all for today…

Choco Taco…really gone?

I’m hearing the Choco Taco is no more today…what? My wife and I had such love for them. We got them at our local liquor store then I remembered how excited we were to see them at our fast food restaurant we went to then.

They say it might not be over yet…someone may take over ownership and keep it going. We all know how that worked out for twinkies…. They came back zombie twinkies. None of the original taste just some kind of healthy cruddy no fat clone experiment was what we got back when they announced it’s return. 

If you like zombie twinkies knock yer self out… they got them still I think. Someday that might be all we got left is zombie twinkies and I might have to learn to love them as much as avacados… which is growing on me. Not a big fan of eating it plain, but my nephew makes a choice guacamole and that got me dipping my chip in. His wife made us a really nice Adobo when we got to Texas. I’m making myself hungry now.

So long for now Choco Taco. If you make it back our way again please don’t be some kind of future hybrid robot virtual version. Just have all that Chocolate, Waffle, Caramel and Vanilla Ice Cream loaded with nuts. Even nuttier than this time we are in now.

Yes, I’m trying to control my sugar too so maybe go easy on me while you chill out for now. Pretty sure you will be back. Probably in time for dessert too…

Stay Frosty! -Scoocher